Safe, Comfortable, Drug-Free Opioid Withdrawal Treatment.

Backed by science and delivered to your home.

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Transcutaneous Auricular Neurostimulation (tAN®)
Available in the U.S. by prescription only.

What makes this treatment different?

Drug-Free & Non-Addictive
You’re in Control of this Safe, Comfortable, Drug-Free Treatment — In-Patient, Out-Patient, at Home
It’s FDA-cleared and Prescribed by U.S. Licensed Healthcare Professionals – Including Telehealth
Can Be Discretely Delivered To Your Home In Two Days, Where Available*

* If two-day delivery is unavailable, the next fastest service will be provided.

It’s Time for a New Approach

You may have tried to quit opioid use before and know the options – more opioids or quitting cold turkey. Not much of a choice.

Sometimes these options aren’t right for you. You may need a safe, comfortable, drug-free way to get through opioid withdrawal so you can get back to the person you know you still can be.

Meet Sparrow | Ascent

The Sparrow Ascent is a wearable treatment for opioid withdrawal relief that’s FDA-cleared and designed to fit your lifestyle. Because it’s safe, comfortable, and drug-free, it gives you the flexibility and control to begin and complete withdrawal treatment on your terms, to your personal comfort level — inpatient, outpatient, at home, anytime, anywhere.

Transcutaneous Auricular Neurostimulation (tAN®) FDA-cleared, prescription, wearable neurostimulation for opioid withdrawal relief.

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The Sparrow Ascent is a transcutaneous nerve field stimulator that is intended to be used in patients experiencing opioid withdrawal in conjunction with standard symptomatic medication and other therapies for opioid withdrawal symptoms under the supervision of trained clinical personnel.

Getting Started Is Easy

Choose Your Treatment Path
  • Inpatient
  • Telehealth
  • Your Primary Care Physician

No matter which path you choose, click Get Sparrow Ascent to begin.

Connect with A Provider

Sparrow Ascent is a prescription-only opioid withdrawal treatment – so you must speak with a prescribing physician to begin.

To make the prescription process more convenient, we’ve partnered with licensed telehealth providers. If they determine Sparrow right for you, it will be delivered to your home within two business days.

Recover Your Way

Once you receive Sparrow Ascent, you can begin safe, comfortable, drug-free opioid detox — inpatient, outpatient, at home or on the go. The power to overcome opioid withdrawal is then truly in your hands.

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What's Included

Disposable Earpieces

They’re easy to apply, just like a sticker, and deliver mild electrical stimulation to the nerves on and around the ear.


It connects and delivers electrical pulses from the Patient Controller to the Earpiece.

Patient Controller

It powers the Earpiece and puts you in control of the amount of relief you need. Color LCD screen provides at-a-glance information on your therapy.

Plus, you’ll get all of these online resources needed to get started and complete treatment.
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Sparrow Ascent is:


Non-addictive, non-abusable treatment option
No known drug interactions or systemic side effects
No diversion risk


No need to experience withdrawal to begin
You control therapy throughout treatment
Therapy can be completed at home, work, or on the go


Uses mild electric pulses instead of pills
No daily clinic visits needed for treatment
You control your sobriety date

Ready to Take the First Step Toward Recovery?

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No Pills, No Needles. Just Results.


84% of participants experienced mild to no withdrawal symptoms after 60 minutes of therapy.


100% of participants sustained a clinically meaningful reduction in withdrawal symptoms by day three.

9 of 10

9 out of 10 participants who completed detox accepted a referral to continue substance use disorder treatment.

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Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Listen to patients who’ve experienced Sparrow.

Got Questions? We Have Answers.

What do I need to do to get started?

The process begins by clicking Get Sparrow Ascent to see if you qualify. If you do, you’ll be connected via telehealth with a U.S. licensed substance use provider to discuss your specific needs and determine whether Sparrow Ascent is the right next step on your recovery journey.

Your telehealth provider will never prescribe a treatment without first addressing any questions or concerns. He or she will also be available for continued substance use treatment support. If you're deemed a good candidate for Sparrow Ascent, then the telehealth provider will prescribe treatment and it will be shipped directly to your home.

Does my insurance cover Sparrow Ascent?

Although Sparrow Ascent is FDA-cleared, it is not yet covered by insurance. That means you’ll need to pay out of pocket for the device. You can also use HSA or FSA dollars to cover the cost of Sparrow Ascent. The cost of your office visit or telehealth appointment may be covered by US-based health insurance carriers.

What happens after I complete the treatment?

Sparrow Ascent is designed to make overcoming opioid withdrawal easier. But overcoming withdrawal is just the first step on your recovery journey. What happens next is even more important and up to you. Your telehealth provider may prescribe additional out-patient counseling or other programs to ensure you address the circumstances that led to opioid use in the first place.

Should you need more than 28 earpieces, additional earpiece packs may be prescribed as needed at an additional cost.

How much does Sparrow Ascent cost?

The List Price of the Sparrow Ascent Kit is $4,500, but with the instant $1,000 patient rebate, you will only pay $3,500. This is significantly lower than traditional in-patient behavioral health programs, which average about $20,000 per detox.

For the price of $3,500, the patient will receive the Sparrow Ascent Kit (containing seven daily-disposable Earpieces, one Patient Controller, one Cable, one Belt Clip,  seven alcohol wipes, and twelve AAA batteries) plus three Sparrow Ascent Earpiece Kits (each containing seven daily disposable earpieces and seven alcohol wipes) for a total of 28 Earpieces.  

Although Sparrow Ascent is FDA-cleared, it is not yet covered by insurance. That means you’ll need to pay out of pocket for the device, though you may be able to use HSA or FSA dollars to cover the cost of Sparrow Ascent. Rebates and Costs of Sparrow Ascent from Healthcare Providers may vary.

The Sparrow Ascent shipment comes with a total of 28 daily-disposable earpieces. However, your healthcare provider may prescribe additional Sparrow Ascent Earpieces for purchase if needed. A 7-pack of Earpieces costs $600.

I’m allergic to latex, can I use Sparrow Ascent Earpieces?

Yes, the Sparrow Ascent Earpiece is latex free.

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